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The Cheyenne Animal Shelter Foundation, which was established in 2006, ensures the long-term sustainability of the Shelter.

We like to tell stories of pets that got a second chance. In Dottie’s case, she has gotten at least three! A rescue, a transfer and then a life-saving surgery!

Your generous contributions help us give pets like Dottie this opportunity. Dottie, a three-year-old coonhound, was transferred to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter from Casper Metro Animal Control for a better opportunity to be adopted. However, when she arrived, it was discovered that she was suffering from a blocked salivary gland. In any other situation, this issue might not have been addressed. Fortunately, our in-house medical team provided the necessary medical care to unblock the salivary gland and then updated all of her vaccinations. She has recuperated nicely and is awaiting a new loving home. 

At the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, we pride ourselves on being able to help not only the lost and homeless animals in our community but also those from other shelters in Casper, Scottsbluff and even from as far away as Texas. You help make this possible and we are truly grateful! Over 6,000 pets are served each year here at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter – that’s 13 new animals each day that need food, shelter, veterinary care and most of all – love and friendship!

Your kindness allows us to take care of many animals like Dottie who directly benefited from the Shelter’s capable and loving staff to ease her pain. We are glad to be here for them all, but we could only do it with your generosity, and we want you to know how much we appreciate you! On behalf of all animals, we thank you!

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